Motorola Nitro™

The Solution

Westcan’s Motorola Nitro™ solution is a fully-managed communication platform that combines business-critical voice with private broadband data. Nitro™ is the future of enterprise-business communication, giving current radio networks a boost, and outperforming Wi-Fi all while offering the unmatched simplicity and control that Motorola Solutions is known for. Designed for large-scale operations, Motorola Nitro™ is a game-changer for business-critical voice. Connect your team with Motorola Nitro across the city, or across the country.

Who Is It For

More and more businesses across the country are turning to video security and analytics to help manage critical operations. In fact, more than 30 percent of transportation, retail, hospitality and manufacturing workers listed video surveillance as one of the top three technologies necessary to manage their workplace operations more efficiently. More than 66% of workers across industrial workplace operations are already using video security solutions. Whether it’s manufacturers monitoring their production lines to ensure worker safety or hotels securing their entrances with access control, video technology and solutions are changing the way commercial businesses operate.

Nitro is the first, fully-managed platform that combines private broadband data with business-critical voice over CBRS. With Nitro, your business has access to enterprise-grade private broadband and its own dedicated spectrum — built specifically for enterprise use. In addition, Nitro extends your voice communications with push-to-talk over CBRS. Nitro is interoperable with your existing MOTOTRBO land mobile radio networks and will complement your current radio systems — ensuring you don’t need to replace any devices. A simplified infrastructure makes it easy to deploy in minutes — just mount your access points, add power, connect to the internet, and configure your network through the Nitro Cloud Portal.


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