APOD Solar Repeater Systems

Providing Communication in Canada’s Most Rugged Terrain

Westcan ACS has a long history of providing reliable communications in the harshest of terrains. With the experience gained from years of deployments in this challenging environment, Westcan ACS has developed the APOD self-contained solar repeater solution. This all-inclusive “repeater-site-in-a-box” is extremely easy to deploy on site via helicopter or truck and provides all of the necessary equipment to be up and running in no time, including repeater and optional link radios, solar panels, batteries and mounted antennas. Perfect for temporary applications on a rental basis, or even for longterm projects where a new purchase is more appropriate, Westcan ACS has you covered.

How Our APODS Benefit Your Organization

How Do APODS Work?

The Westcan ACS APOD Solar Repeater Package is built using the industry-leading Codan Radio MT-4E Repeater platform. It is used across hundreds of mountaintops all over Western Canada, making the APOD the perfect drop-in replacement if a site goes down. The MT-4E Repeater is renowned for its low-current operation and extreme reliability in cold temperatures, making it the ideal solution for the harshest of locations and mountaintops in Western Canada.

Westcan ACS regularly stocks a rental fleet of APOD repeaters that can be quickly mobilized for emergency requirements. Contact your Westcan sales representative to learn more.


In remote locations, seamless communication over the mountain tops is possible with Westcan ACS’s portable repeater systems. Our APOD solar repeater system provides extended range, regardless how remote your location, or rugged your terrain.

  • Multiple repeater and link configurations available
  • Self contained battery bank with solar charge controller
  • Insulated enclosure for high elevations/low temperatures
  • Helicopter/crane lift points for easy deployment

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