Two-Way Radio Equipment for Utilities

Comprehensive Radio Solutions for the Utilities Industry

Often times, the utilities sector demands more reliable telecommunication than other industries. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for reliable, secure, and consistent communications, Motorola Solutions has developed the Next-Gen MOTOTRBO Series! When you need direct voice and data communication between your work crews in the field, or across multiple job sites, Motorola can provide instant, reliable communications with ease.

Radio Solutions & Services to Benefit the Utilities Sector

While the utilities sector focuses on keeping us connected, at Westcan, we focus on keeping them connected. In natural disasters and inclement weather, the utilities industry works tirelessly to keep the power on and water flowing. That’s why Westcan utilizes Motorola Solutions to ensure that this important sector has reliable, consistent, and crystal clear communication. When safety is top of mind, and completing the task is crucial – the utilities industry can count on Westcan and Motorola to keep them connected.


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