Two-Way Radio Equipment for Hospitality

Comprehensive Radio Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

At Westcan, we’re industry leaders in complete communication system design for the hospitality sector. Today’s guests gravitate to hospitality organizations that can deliver safe, seamless, and streamlined experiences. Delivering on those expectations requires hospitality organizations to ensure well-coordinated employee communication, intelligent use of video security, and effective use of self-learning video analytics.

Radio Solutions & Services to Benefit the Hospitality Market

Get a 5-star review with Motorola Solutions Team communications. At Westcan, we can ensure your hotel is operating in an environment where hotel staff, from transportation, to security, to housekeeping, and beyond, can communicate effortlessly both on and off site. Elevate the guest experience by empowering hospitality workers with team communications, and create an experience guests will want to write home about. Boost your network with Motorola’s Nitro that enables a seamless, unified operation by combining business-critical voice and private broadband data. Unified Team Communications allows you to experience instant communication, without boundaries and with added intelligence, connecting you to networks and devices in an instant.


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