Two-Way Radio Equipment for Education

Comprehensive Radio Solutions for the Safe Schools

Motorola creates “Safe School Solutions” that range from detection to response. By utilizing these solutions, Westcan can create next-generation school safety by helping schools detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to situations as they arise. Motorola’s mission-critical ecosystem of solutions allows schools to better respond to every day incidents, and prepare for critical emergencies.

Radio Solutions & Services to Benefit the Education Sector

At Westcan, we understand that ensuring the safety of your school campus can be a challenge. That is why we utilize Motorola Solutions to create solutions distinctly tailored for scenarios that may arise on campus. From controlling visitor access, to monitoring perimeters through license plate recognition, to early threat detection, Motorola plays a critical role in enabling campus crews to evaluate safety.

We understand that communication must be effortless, instant, and interoperable. Whether your school or campus is performing a routine fire drill, or in a real emergency situation, uncompromising communication across all devices (from radios to cell phones), is key to ensuring safety of staff and students.


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