Reliable Underground Communications
With Leaky Feeder Systems

Simple & Reliable Underground Communications

In the mining sector, having robust, reliable communications at your fingertips is safety critical. The irregular terrain in mines, coupled with dense earth and rock create a unique set of challenges for adequate radio signal propagation throughout the mine. The use of a leaky feeder system can help to overcome these challenges. 

 A Leaky Feeder system is effectively a long cable antenna that runs the length of the underground mine or tunnel,connected to a traditional radio repeater or radio system. To keep the radio signal strong and consistent across the entire length of the cable run, amplifiers are added at certain intervals to boost the radio signal. This allows for the radio signal to run even 100’s of km’s of cable length in extreme situations.

How Does It Work?

Leaky Feeder Systems have the ability to scale and grow with a changing environment in any mine or tunnel. Each Leaky Feeder System will be tailored to specific site requirements to provide the best radio coverage.


  • Bi-directional amplifiers provide flexible installation 
  • Supply Voltage Range 6VdVc to 24dVc 
  • Complete Remote Systems Diagnostics 
  • Highly scaleable, easy to extend the system as your mine grows 
  • System can support data transport, as well as traditional voice radio traffic 

Voice & Data 

Experience multiple, simultaneous, noise-free voice and data radio channels throughout your underground mine or tunnel in either analog or digital 

Automation Options

Sensor data for underground equipment can be transported over the leaky feeder system if required.

System Compatibility

We can work with your existing leaky feeder system, and expand your underground coverage.


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