Maintenance Agreements

Why Choose A Maintenance Agreement?

There are many benefits to signing a maintenance contract for your two-way communications equipment. When equipment breaks, the downtime can cost your organization considerably! One of the key benefits to a maintenance contract is greatly minimizing the risk of a crippling break-down. Agreements also prolong the life of your equipment, give you priority service with Westcan’s service team, provide you with annual budgeting suggestions for equipment replacements, and ensure your equipment is up and running to optimal efficiency.

How Does A Maintenance Agreement Work?

Clients with maintenance agreements will receive preferential treatment and benefit from priority repairs. Our team will have you up and running again as quickly as possible. When you submit a maintenance request, our system will automatically generate a tracking ticket.  We will send you notification via email informing you that we have received your equipment. You will be able to easily update your request via the ticketing system, and view the status of your warranty repair! Once completed, your maintenance or repair will be returned to you.

  • Complete Your Online Repair Form
    With a maintenance agreement, we will provide you with your own personalized form that has been custom tailored to your company.
    Submit your repair request via the form.

  • Receive Ticket Confirmation
    Once the online form has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation containing a PDF of your repair request and a Westcan ACS tracking ticket for your reference.

  • Print Your Request Summary
    Print a copy of the PDF repair request and put it into the shipment of equipment you will be sending in for repair. This will assist with identifying your shipment to your online request. Westcan ACS pre-printed bags are available for single radio shipments.

  • Ship Equipment for Repair
    Ship your equipment and the PDF repair request to any of our repair depots.

  • Status Updates
    Once our repairs team receives your items they will process the request and keep you up to date on the status of your request via e-mail.

  • Close Off
    Once the repair work has been completed our repairs team will work with you to close off the request and determine the best method of returning the equipment back to your company as per the agreed upon plan.


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