Communications in the Mining Sector

The Power of a Connected Mine

Mining is complex. Safety requirements, unstable commodity prices, productivity pressure, increasing costs, mineral theft, and asset write-downs can make it even more challenging.

In today’s world of data abundance, your mining operations have access to many disparate networks to help your employees know when a drastic weather change may occur, the locations of critical delivery trucks and even knowing when gases may change levels underground. But, all of this data may be analyzed separately without the advantage of integration.

The Power of Team Communications

By utilizing industry leading brands like Motorola, Westcan is with you on the front lines to better access data information leveraging existing voice communication systems. Motorola’s team communications solutions take push-to-talk (PTT) beyond the boundaries of radio, allowing all of your employees to communicate instantly, from anywhere, while leveraging intelligence from a wide range of applications designed to help your mining operations succeed while keeping your employees safe from harm.


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