Tait TP3 Series Portable Radio Limited Keypad Display

Tait TP3 Series Portable Radio Limited Keypad Display

The Tait TP3 series offers edgy design, maximum flexibility, and the best value for money. Available in DMR Tier 2 and analog, this ergonomic radio gives you the power and flexibility to choose the color, display, keypad, and labels for each radio.

Radio specifications change with your choice of faceplate – 2,000 channels for 4-key and 16-key radios 32 channels for 0-key radios.

The TP3 is packed with features, including voice annunciation, a color display, vibration alert, personalized label customization, and much more. With an array of options to suit different budgets and requirements, TP3 offers maximum flexibility and high quality in a lower cost portable.


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IP67 Dust/Waterproof

The TP3 is rated IP67 for dust and waterproof protection, making it capable of withstanding immersion in water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.

Advanced worker safety

Increase the safety of your workforce with GPS, Man Down, Bluetooth, and Vibration Alert options, available on the TP3350. Dual slot direct mode and transmit interrupt improve channel efficiency and allow faster response
in emergency call situations. Voice and data encryption is also available.

DMR Tier 2 and Analog

TP3 offers options for every pocket, with models supporting both Analog and DMR Tier 2.

Colored covers

A wide range of color options lets you assign colors to certain groups, enabling quick team and user identification. Colors can also be used for brand identity.

Keypad variants and color displays

The TP3 can be quickly and cost-effectively upgraded with a simple cover change. A no-key, no-display unit can instantly be enhanced with increased functionality by changing the cover to a 4 or 16-key, color display.

Customizable labeling

The TP3 provides dedicated space for die-cut labels. Labels can be completely customized, offering a high level of personalization for any need.


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