Whether it’s a single boutique hotel or a large international chain, guests want a comfortable, welcoming experience that lasts from check-in to check-out. In order to maintain a clean, safe, accommodating environment throughout a guest’s stay, hotels require the proper communication tools to ensure that the coordination of various departments and services meet the increasingly high standards of their guests.

Effective communications strategies, and the tools required to implement them, are a key element in achieving a higher standard of hospitality. Keeping staff in close contact with each other – and the resources necessary to ensure a satisfying guest experience – can be accomplished most effectively through a two-way radio solution.

Often, after the planning and design of a system are put in place, ensuring that you have the proper accessories is key for the effective implementation and adoption of a modern two-way radio system. In essence, having the right accessories for your radios can dramatically increase ease of use, which will lead to a faster integration of the communication tools into daily operations. Here are three of the most popular accessories hotel staff utilize:

Discreet Surveillance Ear Piece

One of the most popular accessories in the hospitality sector are small ear pieces! This allows staff to look professional and communicate discretely, so guests won’t overhear communications throughout the hotel. With many earpiece options, there’s one for each specialized position: from security, to desk staff, to janitorial and maintenance crews, to the concierge and management team. Our team can help you pick the right one for your team.

IMPRESS Speaker Microphone

The speaker mic allows you to secure your radio firmly to your uniform, and speak into the microphone rather than having to speak directly into the radio. This is a key element to radio longevity: the user will experience less wear and tear on the radio itself by not having to handle it as often. The IMPRESS speaker mic is great for noisy environments. It has the option to put a listen only ear piece in the 3.5ml Jack so you get the best of both worlds.

6 Bank Gang Charger

This is a space saving design, allowing you to charge your radios almost anywhere. Having a multi-bank charger also ensures that your radios will be charged more consistently by staff, as opposed to using individual chargers for multiple radios. Ensuring you have a few spare radios in the charger at all times will ensure that all staff required to carry a communication device will have a charged unit ready for their shift.

There are a wide number of specialized accessories that can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of any particular department, including front desk, security/loss prevention, operations, guest services and more. If you have any questions regarding your specific needs, or how upgrades to your current system can improve your guest experience, feel free to contact us with your questions through the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!