L3Harris XG-75M Series Mobile Radio

L3Harris XG-75M Series Mobile Radio

Tough radio delivering secure communications

Designed to meet the critical demands of its users, this multimode mobile combines end-to-end encrypted digital voice and data with innovative features such as Control and Status Services. A workhorse for Public Safety users and other agencies around the world, the XG-75M radio is a multimode mobile that delivers end-to-end encrypted digital voice and data communications, and is P25 Phase 2 capable.

Providing secure voice and data through end-to-end digital encryption, this mobile radio supports wideband and narrowband communications. It is P25 Phase 2 capable, with a software-defined architecture allowing field updates to new capabilities.



The multimode XG-75M is ideal for organizations requiring one radio to manage their migration needs. Designed for P25 platforms as well as legacy L3Harris platforms, this mobile supports P25, EDACS®, ProVoiceTM and OpenSky®.

The XG-75M is a member of the family of field-proven, reliable and rugged L3Harris mobiles, with durable construction to withstand demanding environments. The XG-75M combines robust components and an AMBE+2TM vocoder to control distortion and provide best-in-class audio in extremely noisy, harsh environments. The XG-75M can also be customized for unique needs with options for GPS position tracking, Over-the-Air Programming and FIPS for enhanced, 256-bit AES encryption.



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